Tag: The Next Big Thing

December 9 2012

This is an old post that was published on Zawya’s Monthly Newsletter: MENA Private Equity Insight in last October. I just wanted to have it on my blog too. I hope you like it. ——– In a new exponentially growing and[…]

October 19 2012

When Apple first introduced the iPad, it truly changed the world. They created a new category between laptops and phones, the tablets. Great, then what? I think Apple just couldn’t keep up with the exponentially evolving markets of computing and[…]

February 14 2012

“What’s the next big thing in VC?” Whenever I see a VC from the states or even from the region, I ask this question, but none of them gave me a satisfying answer. I will share my answer here and[…]

December 16 2011

يمكن قراءة التدوينة والقصة المصورة باللغة العربية على موقع زاجل على هذا الرابط After being in the venture capital industry for few years, I started to think that lots of the topics that we discuss on daily basis became rules[…]

January 29 2011

We have witnessed the rapid shift from “Web and Mobile Web Widgets” to “Website Toolbars” then to “Browser Extensions”. But what’s next? Well, it seems that we’re going directly whatever gives more control of web functions and features to End[…]

September 19 2010

Did the “check-in thing” affect your life so far? Or not yet! When they were first presented, location based services didn’t seem to be the next big thing! But now, I think they are.