Tag: Technology

June 2 2013

Interviewing such smart and talented entrepreneurs and listening to their stories has been a great learning experience for me. I shall continue doing this inshallah, but now under a new name The show has attracted 1,643 video views so far[…]

March 28 2013

Tech meetups in Amman seem to be taking new directions. In addition to big general meetups where lots of people attend, we are now seeing recently specialized smaller meetups where only 20-30 people participate. This makes it like a gathering[…]

January 1 2013

Few days ago when I finished a mentorship meeting in Costa Coffee at City Mall, I met two other Jordanian game-preneurs who were working at the same cafe, and we had a quick chat about online and mobile social games[…]

November 1 2012

It has been five months since I started raising the first fund for Sinbad Ventures, and it’s been tough. More details about it can be found in my previous post: “Thoughts About My Fundraising Experience So Far“. Now, after attending[…]

October 19 2012

When Apple first introduced the iPad, it truly changed the world. They created a new category between laptops and phones, the tablets. Great, then what? I think Apple just couldn’t keep up with the exponentially evolving markets of computing and[…]

September 19 2010

Did the “check-in thing” affect your life so far? Or not yet! When they were first presented, location based services didn’t seem to be the next big thing! But now, I think they are.