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  • The Best Startup Presentations and Videos Ever

    June 16, 2013 | 107 reads

    Every time when there is a pitching or a demo event, I get asked about the best format to pitch, and the best format for an intro video. I am not talking in this post about the content of the pitch or the video, but only abou ... [Read more]

  • Tech Majles – Episode 001 – Sohaib Thiab

    February 18, 2013 | 386 reads

    I had the pleasure of interviewing Sohaib Thiab (@SohaibThiab), a serial entrepreneur and one of the co-founders of Wizards Productions. Wizards was expected to be one of the top Jordanian startups in the online/mobile games ... [Read more]

  • Tech Majles Show Teaser

    February 11, 2013 | 327 reads

    As mentioned earlier in my VC Pivot post, I am working on a new web show to interview entrepreneurs, angel investors, and VCs to create a venue for everyone to share knowledge and experience. This also fits with the need of t ... [Read more]

  • Fostering VCpreneurship!

    July 11, 2007 | 72 reads

    There are lots of entrepreneurship initiatives in the MENA region that encourage entrepreneurs to start their own technology companies. However, those initiatives have created capital seekers in a region where risk capital in ... [Read more]