Tag: Crowdfounding

October 21 2010

Well, the buzz is increasing unexpectedly!! I have received some phone calls, SMSs, and emails asking for more details about this and asking about how to join. Well, the more people join the more ideas we have for and[…]

October 19 2010

After discussing the idea with few friends, we came up with the following description of (although haven’t decided yet if it’s or, but anyway, we have them both):

October 16 2010

I am about to start a unique entrepreneurial experiment, and everyone is welcome to participate! I always wanted to create a crowd-funding platform, but never thought about a crowd-“founding” one!! This could be an indirect way to start[…]

October 15 2010

This is an index page for the “Starting a Crowd-“Founded” Website” Series, below you can find linked for all posts in this series