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April 8 2013

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ibrahim Manna (@manna_87), a serial entrepreneur and one of the co-founders of Wheels Express. “Wheel Express” was expected to be one of the top Jordanian startups in the e-Commerce industry. It all started as[…]

March 28 2013

Tech meetups in Amman seem to be taking new directions. In addition to big general meetups where lots of people attend, we are now seeing recently specialized smaller meetups where only 20-30 people participate. This makes it like a gathering[…]

February 3 2013

Last night, I attended “A meeting for Entrepreneurs” initiated by great entrepreneurs in Jordan to simply discuss the entrepreneurship echo system and how to contribute in enhancing it. The purpose of the meeting was to suggest solutions to existing problems[…]

October 3 2012

Tonight I was invited to attend a new session of Amman’s Mini MBA Gathering that was started by Zaid Masri and some other activists. It’s a gathering of selective entrepreneurs who meet every week at Progressive Generations Studios office. They[…]

April 12 2012

Finally, there is a place in Amman that can be considered the Silicon Valley of Jordan, or even, of Arabia! But it’s not exactly a Valley this time, it’s a mountain. If you are starting a company, you have to[…]

July 22 2010

This is my last post about this topic, and here I provide few crazy ideas to enable startups to crowdfund from non-accredited crowd investors and enable crowd investors to exchange stocks of[…]

July 21 2010

As far as I know, only two companies were smart in implementing the private stock market idea (but not a crowdfunding platform): SharesPost and SecondMarket via its “

July 20 2010

The concept of crowdfunding was really successful for non-profits, charities, donations, and even for political campaigns. Barack Obama raised $500m in 2008 online from the crowd with an average donation of $80.

July 19 2010

I have always been fascinated by two different but closely related ideas: the idea of crowd funding, i.e., raising capital investment from the crowd at the seed stage, and the idea of a private[…]

July 18 2010

This is an index page for the “Thoughts about Crowdfunding for Startups” Series, below you can find linked for all posts in this series.