Category: Life

August 28 2013

After reading this great book: “Start With Why” I revisited by old post about my contribution in this world and this is the newer version of it. I preferred to keep that one untouched to keep track of how my[…]

December 4 2012

Farah, I met some girls in my life, girls with different nationalities, cultures, and religions. I loved some, but they didn’t love me back. On the other hand, some loved me, but I didn’t. However, even with those whom I[…]

July 12 2011

I visit Dubai almost on a monthly basis. I used to feel happy when I book the ticket and I used to really enjoy my stay in Dubai. But not this time! This is the first time I needed to[…]

August 25 2010

I was always asking God for lots of traveling, and thankfully, I was given jobs that require lots of traveling :-) Most of my traveling is for business. So I am usually busy most of the time in attending an even or meeting[…]

July 1 2010

I believe that everyone has his/her own small contribution in this world. We’re not here to eat, drink, sleep, then die! We must have been created to do or achieve something.

September 21 2009

I just couldn’t feel Ramadan or Eid in here! So on Saturday afternoon, I was thinking that the least I can do is to go to a mosque tomorrow[…]