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July 22 2013

It’s so inspiring to see great entrepreneurs keep pursuing success no matter what! Here they are, in the most competitive tech hub in the whole world, few Arab entrepreneurs succeeding in Silicon Valley! Although Arab investors didn’t believe in their[…]

July 7 2013

I was lucky enough to attend this amazing startup training workshop by AstroLabs, organized and led by ex-Namshi guys: Louis Lebbos and Muhammed Mekki. Prior to the training, they connect with participating startups, get a look at their websites/apps, conduct[…]

July 3 2013

If you have a desk or a table and a good internet connection, what else do you need in a coworking space? Think again! It’s more than that! In a startup environment, there is too much uncertainty, too much criticism[…]

June 29 2013

Every year I get re-energized at ArabNet. It’s the time of the year where I get to see almost everybody in this industry. They all come not only for the panels or the talks, but also to see each other[…]

April 27 2013

Every year when the MIT Enterprise Forum starts announcing the winners at their annual Startups Competition Award Ceremony, I feel it again. I feel all the tension and anxiety I felt when I was one of the participants back in[…]

March 28 2013

Tech meetups in Amman seem to be taking new directions. In addition to big general meetups where lots of people attend, we are now seeing recently specialized smaller meetups where only 20-30 people participate. This makes it like a gathering[…]

February 3 2013

Last night, I attended “A meeting for Entrepreneurs” initiated by great entrepreneurs in Jordan to simply discuss the entrepreneurship echo system and how to contribute in enhancing it. The purpose of the meeting was to suggest solutions to existing problems[…]

October 3 2012

Tonight I was invited to attend a new session of Amman’s Mini MBA Gathering that was started by Zaid Masri and some other activists. It’s a gathering of selective entrepreneurs who meet every week at Progressive Generations Studios office. They[…]

June 30 2012

I happened to be in London this weekend after attending Endeavor Investor Network Event. So I was invited to attend SWLondon as a guest. It was a great opportunity to compare this same event with SWs of Amman, Cairo, and[…]

June 30 2012

On my way to San Francisco to join Kauffman Fellows Program, I stopped in London as I was invited to become a member of Endeavor Global Investor Network, and participate in both: a round table discussion about the VC industry[…]

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