After discussing the idea with few friends, we came up with the following description of (although haven’t decided yet if it’s or, but anyway, we have them both): is a simple tool to capture moments of your kid’s life as it happens, and comment on them, then share it with your kid when you decide to. You can also allow friends and family to comment and be part of those special moments.

In an interactive timeline view, milestone view, and a yearbook view, you can share with your kid how you felt when you celebrated his or her first day, first birthday, first steps, first words, first day at school, childhood friends, travels, games, growth updates or any other special moment. You can show your kid how it was by sending letters, a photo slide show, to which you can add a voice note, or you can post a video.

I would like to emphasize that should not be just another social network for parents, or another social network for kids. It should not be a kids’ blogging platform, or a kids’ website building tool.

It’s as simple as the name implies: a tool that allows parents to send multimedia letters to their kids and share their feelings and memories about moments in their kids’ lives when they grow up and become able to read and understand. shall be totally integrated with facebook and other social media networks. So based on the parents’ choice, selected content will be shared on facebook, and comments from facebook friends will be saved on for the kids to see it all.

On the other hand, parents can also invite friends and family to add comments on without forcing them to create accounts on It will be done through facebook connect or even through an email invitation with a link to add comments on specific activities.

That’s it for now, if you have anything to add or comment on this please share it with us.


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