I was always asking God for lots of traveling, and thankfully, I was given jobs that require lots of traveling :-) Most of my traveling is for business. So I am usually busy most of the time in attending an even or meeting someone. However, I always find free time to go explore the city.

I love it when I find a local who is willing to take me for a tour. This kind of tours shows the real face of the city, not the touristic one. But if not, I go to the city tour, you know, that bus that takes you around!! Some times in that bus I find people who are just like me (want to explore the real city) and we end up having our own tour for the rest of the day together.

If there is more free time, I search the web for activities happing during my stay to attend, a comedy show, a public party, a gathering, etc… I meet new people, have fund, and take photos.

When it comes to food, some times I like eating at local restaurants, but most likely, I will be visiting Arab restaurants in there! Why? well for good and halal food (at least from my point of view) and to see if there is innovation in mixing that country’s local food with Arabic food. For example, I’ve seen different kind of Falafel in an Egyptian restaurant in New York city.

In the states, I usually try to find Little Italy, Chinatown, Koreatown, etc… to enjoy walking there. By the way, I noticed that there is no Arabiatown, Arabia Village, or “Arabian Oasis” as I would name it. But usually there are some areas where you can find Arab communities, so I usually go there as well.

I also love visiting mosques!! Mainly to learn about how Muslims live in that country, how they care (or don’t) about the look of the mosque, and what is the real role of the mosque for them! Is it only for prayer, or a place for social gatherings and activities as well. I like to chat with some of the Muslims there to learn more about their culture and habits. For example, I had a great learning experience in a mosque in San Diego, here you can read my post about it.

So overall, it has been an interesting experience, but I wonder what do you do while traveling?!