Well, after visiting San Francisco last year then Boulder this year, here I am in NYC to meet few VCs and entrepreneurs and learn more about the entrepreneurial culture in this city.

Obviously, NYC is a more corporate place, and it’s super expensive for entrepreneurs to live in. Unlike SF or Boulder, NYC has less startups and scattered entrepreneurial communities here and there.

I tried to find something like Boulder.me (a guide for entrepreneurs and VCs in Boulder), but couldn’t find it. However, I found two very interesting articles that describe the situation in NYC in details. One of them give a realistic view of the city’s entrepreneurial status with some statistics, and the other one gives a more optimistic view and provides links to popular VCs, and all related communities and meetups in the city.

I would like to add a link to a video of a presentation by Fred Wilson telling the story of internet community in NYC between 1995-2008: