When I first attended Riyadh Geeks for the first time, I noticed that the guys are really open to help each other, cooperate, and share knowledge and experience, which was great. This was not the case in Amman, where the tech community has a more competitive and secretive behavior.

Now in the states, I clearly see the same differences between tech communities in different cities.

Take California for example. When I attended TechCrunch50 last year in San Francisco and Demo in, San Diego, I felt like it’s too competitive, the attitude there was you have to crash you competitor to succeed. While at Techstars Demo day this year in Boulder, people seem to be more friendly and helpful. They keep telling you how this or that person spent lots of hours and even long nights only to help them in developing a software or fixing a bug. You also hear stories about how entrepreneurs who work in the same field cooperate with each other, and how the whole community is helpful in spreading the word about a new startup to promote or a new comer to help.

It seems like all the good people who hates the situation in Silicon Valley and NYC have come to Boulder!

The question is why? Why is it more competitive in Amman and San Francisco and it’s more coopetitive in Riyadh and Boulder? I don’t have a good answer for this, and I would love to know your thoughts about this!

Anyway, I just hope that Amman’s tech community will open up to helping and sharing knowledge and experience and become like Riyadh’s and Boulder’s communities.