Just like entrepreneurs, VCs need mentors as well! And for someone who has recently joined the VC club like me, I am actively looking for a mentor who is welling to share his experience with me and to constantly provide me with advice and guidance.

Thanks God, Tom Keller of Techstars visited Jordan in a business trip and I met him there. I was sharing with him my thoughts about having a VC mentor and that I have few names in mind for this, but I need some one to connect me to them. He simply said: send me the names and if I know any of them, will make the introduction!

Next day, I sent that email and he immediately forwarded it to the top two names in my list: Brad Feld of the Foundry Group in Boulder Colorado and Howard Morgan of the First Round Capital in New York City. Within few hours, they replied!! They liked the idea and welcomed me for a meeting to take this further.

Next, Tom invited me to attend Techstars demo and investors day in Boulder, Colorado, as an opportunity to meet those investors and to have a close look at Techstars model.

Before going there I had to get the approval of my CEO, Rashid AlBallaa. Without any hesitation, he approved the trip! I can’t thank him enough for this. He is such a great CEO. He even encouraged me to get their feedback about what we’re doing in N2V and to learn from their wide experience in this domain, not only how they successfully manage VC funds now, but also how they contributed to the development of this industry in the states given that both of them have been VCs for such a long time.

I am so excited to meet Brad and Howard, to attend Techstars demo day, meet Techstars entrepreneurs, and of course to visit Boulder and NYC.

Will see how it goes!